Vital Information Regarding Spa Days

Booking Your Spa Visit-When booking your spa day, you need to make sure both you and the spa are informed about your visit. For example, they need to be notified of any special requirements you may need. Disabilities and recent illnesses are essentials to let the spa know about, so they can advise you on appropriate treatments and can ensure any additional equipment or needs are catered for. Another thing to let the spa know about is if you are pregnant. Some spas advise against any treatments involving oils within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, so make sure to alert them if this is the case to protect both yourself and your baby. If this is the case they may be able to offer alternative beauty treatments. Some spas do special pregnancy massages and treatments for later on in the pregnancy, so these may be recommended to you. Another thing to consider when booking your visit is that most spas don’t allow children under 14, so if you’re planning on bringing a child with you, ask the spa in advance what their rules are regarding this. You may also like to request either a male or female therapist if this would make you more comfortable on the day.I strongly suggest you to visit spa day deals to learn more about this.

Arriving For Your Spa Day-Arriving for your spa day should be an exciting experience; you’ll be able to feel the relaxing environment as soon as you get there and the staff should make you feel at ease. This is the first rule for first-time spa goers – relax. Remember that the staff are professionals, and are there to help you enjoy your day, so try to relax and calm your nerves. The first thing that needs to be considered is that you must arrive within good time of your check-in time. 15-25 minutes beforehand is appropriate, so you have enough time to get changed and prepare for your beauty treatments. The spa should provide you with a locker to store your personal items, and should also supply you with robes and slippers where needed, but ask prior to your visit if you aren’t sure. If you are enjoying a full relaxing spa break, you may be asked to store your personal items in your hotel room, and arrive at the spa in your robe. Make sure to turn your mobile phone off; the spa is a relaxing place for everyone, and ringing phones can ruin the atmosphere.

When given your robe and slippers or similar, make sure you change into whatever you’re comfortable with. It is not necessary to be naked within the spa, so wear a swimsuit if you plan on going for a swim, or underwear if just having treatments. When you enter the treatment room, the therapist will give you time alone to remove these if needed for the treatment, and your modesty will be covered with towels, so don’t be worried about this. If you’re still nervous, make sure you do what you can to relax before your treatments. You can visit the sauna or hot tub to relax if needed, but make sure you shower before returning for your beauty treatments (especially for massages) to cleanse your body of chlorine or sweat, otherwise your skin will not be prepared for the treatment.